Debating Rules

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Debating Rules

#1 Standartinė Starlin » 20 Sau 2006, 22:03

The following rules have been taken from the Keskmaa forums. The rules apply to the championship of the Baltic States. Nothing has been changed except for a missing article and the example of the debate host (deleted until we select our host).


Each country has a team. There is three main debaters in each team and an unlimited number of subs. Teams select their captain, who will write the opening post for the team. The team captain represents the team in all the issues concerning the debate including, but not limited to, discussing crucial matters with the judge and the host.


<center>Jan. 2 - LT vs. LV hosted by EE

Jan. 30 - LV vs. EE hosted by LT [postponed]

Feb. 27 - EE vs. LT hosted by LV [?]

Mar. 27 - Finals hosted by N/A [?]</center>

<center>Starting the debate</center>

1. The judge decides on the topic of the debate and announces it in the debate thread. The teams have one week for preparation.

2. The judge outlines debate rules and assessment criterias as thoroughly as possible.

3. After a week, the countdown starts and the proposition team is expected to post their opening statement.

4. Debates occur on neutral ground. Lithuania vs. Latvia on Estonian forum et cetera.

<center>The debate</center>

1. After the judge has posted the topic and before posting their first posts, the team captains should post their rosters containing the names of the three main debaters.

2. Each time a specific host will be announced prior to debate start and presented in conjunction with team rosters. Host will be a representative from the hosting country.

3. Judge and host work hand-in hand in keeping an eye, that debating process is occuring as per set rules.

4. All out-of-context posts will be deleted from the debate thread without warning. Host i.e. neutral moderator/admin keeps track of this issue.

5. No editing, however minor is allowed. Host i.e. neutral moderator/admin keeps track of this issue.

6. The teams post Prop, Op, Prop, Op et cetera.

7. It is up to the teams how they organize their arguments, but there are certain rules to adher to:

Prop 1-st post, Op 1-st post
Aim: Outlining Proposing/Opposing team's main arguments. Backing them up as much as space allows. The Opposing team is not allowed to rebutt the arguments put forward in the Proposing team’s first post.

Prop 2-nd, Op 2-nd (also 3-rd, 4-th et cetera)
Aim: Backing up previously outlined arguments. Rebutting opposing teams arguments. Introducing new arguments. Only two rebuttals allowed in one team’s post. Opponent’s rebuttals can be rebutted, and those rebuttals are also included in the two rebuttals limit.

Prop closing statement, Op closing statement (written by the team captain)
Aim: Enforce team's arguments. It may be done by summarizing your arguments, by rebutting the last rebuttals of the opponent or in some other way, but no new rebuttals can be made.

8. Color codes may be used by the team to organize their posts. In this case, the codes should be posted at the beginning of each post. This section is not included in the word count.

9. Rebuttals should be separated from the main arguments. The team may choose whether to include headings “Main argument”, “Closing statement”, but headings “Rebuttal #1”, “Rebuttal #2” are required for the purpose of separation.

10. Time limit for the post to appear in the thread is 48 hours. Clock starts ticking based on the time stamp of the previous post appearing in the thread. In case a sub is called (which should be done publicly in the thread within the set 48 hours), another 8 hours is added to the time.

11. Word limit is 2500 words for each main post and 500 words for the Closing Statement, excluding colour and formatting codes and quotes.

12. Penalties for delay or exceeding the word limit. This will be based on the assessment criterias and therefore set and enforced by the judge. However - penalties should be severe enough to encourage teams to always post within set time limit.