Official invitation from Estonian Tolkien Society

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Azaghal II
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Official invitation from Estonian Tolkien Society

#1 Standartinė Azaghal II » 11 Kov 2005, 14:16

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to our Summer Festival held in Estonia, August 18-21 2005.

Activies include, but are not limited to (as of this moment):

- Seminars and panels on JRRT and fantasy in general
- Workshops - both handicraft and smithcraft
- Games in the spirit of Scottish Highland Games
- Fair
- Music, dance, poetry
- Food and beverages :)

As per conversation with Starlin I know that at least some of you are interested in attending the LARP. LARP will start on the morning of August 20, Saturday and end at noon Sunday. Setting - Third Age of Middle-earth, 9-th century, Eriador.

Location is central Estonia - a pic here: ... -09-20.htm

The stronghold you see on the pic will be much more fancy by then i.e. fully built with a sauna etc.

What we shall provide to you :

a) Full background story in english

b) Thorough rules in english

c) List of roles with respectives stories in english

d) Equipment upon request (to an extent)

e) A fluent english speaking personal guide at the location to help with all in-game and out-game matters. Could well be myself.

Now the best part:

We are working hard to get financing in order to cover your transportation costs at least partially if not fully. Cant make any empty promises at this stage, but work is in progress.

What I would like to hear from you:

Firstly - you to accept the invitation ;)

Secondly - as much attendees as possible

Thirdly - a rough estimate ASAP of a possible number of attendees (necessary for us in writing financing projects).

Fourthly - respective queries either here or via e-mail.

Hoping for prompt backfeed and wishing all my best,


Azaghal II
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#2 Standartinė Azaghal II » 11 Kov 2005, 14:28

Forgot to add, that the invitation is not exclusively to Tolkien Lietuva. Hence - if you know other fantasy communities or perhaps have friends, whom you would like to invite, then by all means do so!

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#3 Standartinė Starlin » 11 Kov 2005, 14:36

Wow, Azaghal, this is... this is unbelievable! Really! We have been considering coming to Estonia a while ago, and it's high time we renewed our conversation. I'd really like to go! Who's with me?

EDIT: I'm moving this to our new section for international relations. We've got project with Latvians now so we made a separate forum for that.

Azaghal II
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#4 Standartinė Azaghal II » 11 Kov 2005, 14:43


Get Latvians onboard as well!

The more the merrier - especially if we could get Tolkien admirers from all the Baltic States together!

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#5 Standartinė Alatar » 11 Kov 2005, 15:56

I'm not sure about the time,but I believe...we could make it 8)
as for myself...I could (maybe) from Vilnius through Lithuania to Latvia coast,from Liepaja to Riga,from Riga to Tallllllllinnnn just right on time(18th) and then back home... :roll:

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#6 Standartinė Elfhild » 12 Kov 2005, 21:19

This is awesome! :plojam: I'd love to come, however, I'm currently planning my summer and it might be that I won't be able to come. I expect my summer schedule to be settled by the beginning of April though, and will be glad to come if I can :)