Greetings from the Tolkien Society

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Greetings from the Tolkien Society

#1 Standartinė Tuilinde » 12 Spa 2010, 20:03

Aiya All!

I am Susan Edwards ~ Tuilinde, the International Liaison of the Tolkien Society Committee. I would like to be in touch with you about our 2012 International Conference Return of the Ring.
I have Flyers and a Booking Form, if you can contact me and let me know who to send them to.

With all good wishes, for all your activities.
Ni elen estelo siluva tielyannar!


I know Sash~Runya from Estonia, and look forward to getting to know you too.

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Re: Greetings from the Tolkien Society

#2 Standartinė Laiqualasse » 12 Spa 2010, 23:10

Suilad, Tuilinde!

It is really nice (and pleasantly surprising) to hear from The Tolkien Society. I would be glad to receive the information, and since I'm staying in the UK nowadays, it should be even easier for you to send them. Can I send you my address details by email?

Best wishes from our community as well!

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