Vokietijos Tolkieno draugijos renginiai

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Vokietijos Tolkieno draugijos renginiai

#1 Standartinė Starlin » 15 Lie 2009, 16:26

Vokietijos Tolkieno draugija periodiškai organizuoja renginukus, kuriuose labai laukia ir svečių iš užsienio. Gavusi informacijos, visada įmesiu ją čia.
Tolkien Thing 2009, Burg Rieneck, Germany

Another event organised by the German Tolkien Society (DTG) . It's the DTG's Annual General Meeting (but just on one evening) and then there is programme to attend to (German and English talks, workshops, etc., serious and otherwise). It is also a nice get-together of old and new friends.

Date : 24-17th July, 2009
Location : Pfadfinderburg Rieneck , ~ 80 km east of Frankfurt am Main

There will be many international guests including:
- Tom Shippey (author of e.g. Road to Middle-earth )
- guests from the Dutch and Swedish Tolkien Societies

Programme includes:

- costume workshop (all about bags)
- lecture on the Gondorian and Rohirrim culture
- presentation of Unquendor and Forodrim (our international guests)
- Tolkien rallye
- Tolkien quiz
- lecture on the Edda
- lecture on the fortresses in the films
- knitting socks
- dance workshop
- Radio Rivendell Drinking Game
- Tolkien and the Funnies
- Lothlórien high rope course

There's this site for details ; unfortunately only in German. But if you're interested I suggest you contact the people at info[at]tolkiengesellschaft.de.